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LeBlanc Financial Group was founded as an independent wealth management firm by Andrew LeBlanc, an experienced Senior Wealth Advisor who excelled during his 20+ year career at Merrill Lynch.

Andrew created LeBlanc Financial Group with the specific goal of providing an elevated bespoke experience for his clients, who would benefit from a more personalized “hands-on” level of attention not typically found in larger financial institutions.

As an independent firm, LeBlanc Financial Group has the freedom and flexibility to engender deeper relationships with our clients,

reserve time for their needs, and explore an unlimited array of solutions to address their financial objectives.

Working with only a select number of clients allows us to provide white glove, family office-caliber interactions.

We build and foster long-term relationships and look to treat our clients with the closeness of family.

Whether they are celebrities, entrepreneurs, or multigenerational families,

we are steadfast in our commitment to fully deliver to our clients the experience of integrity and trust – of competence and confidence – that assures them: you are in our good hands.

We reward our clients’ trust with an unbridled enthusiasm for providing the quality service and smart solutions to help them succeed now – and for their future.

Founder's Message

I have been working in the financial advisory business for nearly 30 years of my life – because I love my job. I have a genuine passion for helping people learn how to make the most of their prosperity. My clientele have been successful in a wide range of careers and businesses. But most don’t have the time to ensure that their financial affairs are properly organized and effectively strategized. That’s when they turn to me: for my experience, my acumen, and the service experience that they know I will deliver.

With the creation of my own independent firm, I am now able to devote all my energies to serving my clients’ best interests, and their interests alone. LeBlanc Financial Group is a passion project for me because wealth management – and client service – are my passions.

My financial service journey has been amazing. It has been, and continues to be, a blessing and a privilege to do what I do, and for whom I do it. For those of you reading this who are existing clients, I am grateful for your trust. I do not take my responsibility to you and your families lightly. For those of you who are considering working with LeBlanc Financial Group, I hope to earn your trust, now and every day, and I look forward to the possibility of working with you.

Andrew J. LeBlanc

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