What we offer

When you choose to work with LeBlanc Financial Group, our independence benefits you in two distinct ways:

It ensures that our advice will be objective – we have no products to sell; and it allows us to “shop the Street” to find the best solutions to consider for each of your financial challenges or investment goals. We have access to a veritable warehouse of products and services, from leading financial institutions as well as highly specialized firms. This advantage is created by the “open architecture” of our platform, which means we can pick and choose the solutions for our clients on a truly customizable basis.

Our Partner

This access is provided by Sanctuary Wealth, a leading platform for independent wealth advisors with approximately $25 billion in assets under management. Through Sanctuary, we leverage their technology, tools, and standardized processes, so that we can reinvest time where it matters most—with clients like you. Sanctuary enables us to deliver operational excellence, maintain a strong culture of compliance, and offer a robust cybersecurity program.


Our Custodian

Another important resource partner of LeBlanc Financial Group is Pershing, our custodian, who safeguards our clients’ assets. Serving more than seven million investor accounts worldwide, representing more than $2 trillion in global client assets, Pershing is owned by BNY Mellon. BNY Mellon is the longest standing operating bank in the U.S., surpassing 235 years. With over $47 trillion in assets under custody and/or administration, BNY Mellon is the largest custodian in the world by a significant margin.


With a strong financial plan as a foundation, the support of our resource partners, and access to all the financial and investment solutions our clients might need,

LeBlanc Financial Group is well-positioned to provide the roadmap for your future and to implement all of your customized strategies.

In addition to a specialization in fixed income investing, specifically municipal bonds, we offer:

Portfolio Management
Public, Private &
Alternative Investments
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
College Tuition Planning
Estate & Tax Planning
Liquidity Event Management
Credit & Lending

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